Swing N Run

Swing N Run

Version 1.0
Active installs

Run in the hanger swinger world against gravity.

There are 10 different hanger world to run from. Each is with an exit which you have to explore by swinging around. 
On the way to the exit, there are many dot points to snag on. Tap to hang the rope on it and take a rest. Or you can also keep 
swinging and snagging enjoying the fun of swirling around.

Figuring out the physical mechanics is a hard part, tap on right time and try not to hit on the wall. 

Swing N Run is a physics swinging game. Swirling around while swinging is quite fun. Swinging up & down instead of going sideways
differentiate it from other hanger games.

Enjoy this fun and challenging time killer!


---Unexpectable challenging levels.
---Swinging and swirling fun.
---Polishing gameplay with physical mechanics.
---Best time killer.

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