Scary Theme Park Craft: Spooky Horror Zombie Games

Scary Theme Park Craft: Spooky Horror Zombie Games

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Do you like to be scared? Visit Scary Theme Park Craft! It’s where you can meet monster, zombie or evil vampire! Ride a mysterious roller coaster, play awesome minigames and pilot Halloween hot air balloon but be careful – you’re surrounded by monsters! Play Scary Theme Park Craft for free!

The night of monsters is soon!
Scary Theme Park Craft is one of zombie games you can’t miss! Do you know water park? Now you can enjoy more attractions! Ride a horror roller coaster, give high five to monsters and fight vampires. Meet a friendly ghost and have a lot of fun! All in Scary Theme Park Craft – play the best building games for girls and boys!

Dark shadows and dead souls
Build your own castle and make a lot of money! You can be a theme park tycoon! Run own amusement park or destroy it to rebuild every fun water slides, roller coaster and adventure park of your own design!

Build a theme park from scratch!
Do you like building games? You can hunt for demons, try survival mode or use blueprints if you want to build own theme park. It is open world exploration game with a haunted house, Halloween hot air balloons, zombie roller coaster and many more! Play crafting & building games to improve your creativity!

Dark prince of scary land!
Become the vampire lord and build own castle to haunt customers. They’ll pay you a lot of money you can use to expand your empire! Crafting & building games let you feel like a real city builder! Chat & date customers or hunt for their blood! You can also play survival mode and become a vampire hunter. Scary Theme Park is never ending fun!

Play fun mingames!
Sing like a real rockstar, survive dinosaur attack, ride the enormous rollercoaster in the best zombie games! Do you like craft games for free? You can be friends with vampires, become a city builder or use crafting & building skills to create a whole new world. Scary amusement park of your own design? Sounds awesome!

Scary Theme Park Craft features:
👻 Scary Roller Coaster – ride it if you dare!
👻 Friendly zombie, scary vampire, evil clown and Skeletor!
👻 Haunted house and Halloween hot air balloon!
👻 Funny mingames – sing, shoot, wrestle!
👻 Be an amusement park tycoon!

Play Scary Theme Park Craft for free!
If you love zombie games, horror movies, haunted houses, vampires and other monsters then don’t wait any longer and download one of the most spectacular building games ever made! Dare to play but be careful – you’re doing it on your own responsibility!

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