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Among all the news programs that shares news of Iran and the world, "KHABARESHAHRI" is the first smart news service and its aim is to provide the news of each city to its citizens.

This service receives the latest news and events of your city from the local news sources and smartly divides then into different categories, so that you can easily get in touch with the latest news of your city at the moment.


Some features of "KHABARESHAHRI":

Displays news in different categories.

Choose from different topics for a custom home screen and news experience.

The possibility of seeing the news of a category from your city and other city at the same time.

Access to the news of the organizations, departments and industries of all cities.

Displays the whole context of each news in the app.

Check the latest changes in the weather of your city.

Possibility of sharing the whole news in social medias.

Keep up to date with the most popular trending articles.

And many other features...


Please help us with your comments in order to increase the quality of our service based on your needs.

Contact us if you have any comments, offers, or demands by address below:

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