Subtitles for video Translator

Subtitles for video Translator

Version 1.2.152
Install +1 K
Category Education
Size 108 MB
Last Update 2023 July 13
Subtitles for video Translator

Subtitles for video Translator

Mask AI, GPT app and game development
Version 1.2.152
Install +1 K
Category Education
Size 108 MB
Last Update 2023 July 13
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New translator for video subtitles Player - Become independent of the language of the original files in learning and entertainment.

Want to watch foreign VideoTube video with voice acting in English?
The application uses a distributor from Spanish to English as well as other foreign languages. While watching a video in VideoTube, the video player creates a translation and dubbing with sound. In order for the translation of the text to appear with pronunciation, the word voice applies the built-in speech synthesizer.

🎬 Video player online for free:
● Translator from Spanish into English and from English to Spanish for subtitles while watching video
● Translation by vote of the original video with pronunciation
● Technical translator uses VideoTube automatic subtitles for the base
● Voice over video in real time
● Video player for android and translator with voice acting video in one application
● Double subtitles. This mode allows you to watch videos with double subtitles in different languages.

🎬 Watch the video clips offline:
● Video viewer opens in two clicks
● Subtitles for video can be added directly from the device
● Supported subtitle file in format: Captions SRT

🎬 English translator with sound:
● Scrolling voice can speak using TTS engine (text in speech)
● A large number of different foreign voices for voice acting.
● good dictation in premium votes
● Text voice out loud with intonation
● Automatic text voice acting in real time (English subtitles)
● Application applies automatic translation
● Titres use Tube's voice for
● App supports online speech synthesizer

🎬 Advanced Settings:
● Easily choose translation into English
● Spanish - English translator is set by default
● Text converter to voice is set by default

🎬 An application can be useful in a large number of cases:
● When watching foreign passages from streamers and strides on the video about popular games
● voice funny videos from top bloggers
● See Funny Videos from Foreign VideoTubes
● VideoTube cartoons from popular animation studios and translate them into English
● Watch anime with subtitles in the original
● See a new series with subtitles and English voice acting
● Scary videos from horror games and the most hard-to-reach places on Earth
● New films with subtitles in different languages ​​and films in Spanish with English subtitles
● New and seasons for dorama with subtitles
● To explore the Spanish to watch popular TV series with double subtitles, for example: Friends Series watch online in Spanish with subtitles

🎬 Subtitle functional player:
● Translate text to voice and create English dubbing
● Text Voice (Auto Man)
● Playing text in speech in any language
● read sabs out loud
● Customize speech tempo for voice acting

Speech synthesizer supports various voices:
✔ Male voice
✔ female voice
✔ Children's voice

Popular subtitle translation destinations that use our users - video translator:
✔ from English to English
✔ from Spanish to English
✔ from german into English
✔ from Italian into English
✔ from Turkish in English
✔ from French into English
✔ from Arabic into English
✔ from Korean into English
✔ from Japanese to English
✔ from Portuguese into English

📚 audio book (beta) mode:
● E-book reads text out loud
● Read books and textbooks using TTS Voice
● Audio book in the ear is available free of charge for wireless headphones.
● Create your top books using bookmarks.
● Audio online books are always available on your device, in voice acting by electronic voice.
● Keep offline library Books that are worth reading
● Interesting books for teenagers and English fairy tales can be run to listen directly from the device.
● Download any books on psychology and books for self-development to start listening through the application

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این چه برنامه چرتیه گذاشتید معلوم نیس چی به چیه 😪 این یه ستاره هم دادم بتونم بفرستم..
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جودا اکبر