Smart Calculator Design App

Smart Calculator Design App

Version 1.4.2
Install +2 K
Category Entertainment
Size 11 MB
Last Update 2020 September 18
Smart Calculator Design App

Smart Calculator Design App

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Version 1.4.2
Install +2 K
Category Entertainment
Size 11 MB
Last Update 2020 September 18
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Do you think that a classic calculator is boring and you can only use it to complete basic arithmetic operations? Well, you can actually have a pretty calculator that is unbelievably fun at the same time. You can use the Smart Calculator Design App to solve math problems. But, if you continue down and read the text, you will learn some very cool tips and tricks to do on your new stylish calculator! Find out why is this simple calculator free app meant for all members of the family, both young and old!

🔢 Smart Calculator Design App features:

20 different awesome backgrounds!
Simple to use, clear numbers, big display!
Best of colorful design utility tools!
Use it as unit converter!

🔢 A calculator for free!

All of your family members can have the same Smart Calculator Design App, but it will still look different! Choose between 20 unique calculator skins! Parents can chose one of the more classic designs. If you are more modern, take the chic or stylish calculator layout. However, there are custom designed backgrounds that are more suited for younger people. That is why you can chose the urban, space and kids style layout. Install it and see for yourself!

🔢 Money calculator operations

Besides the usual arithmetic operations, there are some useful shortcuts that will make calculating even more easy! Use backspace for deleting your last number, or C for deleting the whole screen. MR can store numbers so you can use them after. MC deletes the stored number. M+ and M- add or subtract the saved number. And the most important button is the brush! It opens up a menu where you can choose between 20 different awesome backgrounds!

🔢 Why do adults need a free calculator app?

If you're an adult, you will surely need an income tax calculator sooner than you can imagine! You can make a shopping list and calculate how much you plan to spend using our Smart Calculator Design App. You should take good care of your budget! Even if you are really good at maths, a human error is always possible. However, with this scientific calculator with percentage you will always be 100% accurate!

🔢 Why do kids need a color calculator app?

Math homework is often too difficult! But, there is a way for you to make it easy! This decimal calculator is beautifully designed to do things better and save you time and effort! If you want to upgrade your math skills, you don't need to find a math tutor. You can do it yourself using the Smart Calculator Design App! You can even play fun math games. Here are some amazing magic math tricks that you can do:

Think of a number = x
double it = 2x
add six = 2x+6
divide it in half
subtract the number you though of in the beginning (x)
the result is always = 3

Practice this on your colorful calculator until you learn it by heart. Then ask your friends to do the calculations and tell them the answer when they are done. They will think that you knew about their secret number and you can read their minds!

🔢 Writing with numbers!?

So, only letters can be used for writing words? And numbers are simply meant for calculating and doing math equations? Well, that is not true! There is a secret combination of numbers. If you type them in the right order and flip your cell phone calculator upside down WORDS will appear! For example:
7735-SELL; 5317-LIES; 202-SOS. Or write down names: 31773-ELLIE; 7718-BILL; 302-ZOE. There are many other words that you can write using numbers. Start playing with our Smart Calculator Design App and find out. Here is the number code for you completely free! 0-O/D ; 1-l ; 2-Z ; 3-E ; 4-h ; 5-S ; 6-g ; 7-L ; 8-B ; 9-G. Have fun and explore!

If you liked our fun tips and tricks download our free calculator app as a sign of support. You will have an amazing calculator and it will help us create more fun content for you! Maybe this isn't a love calculator, but you will definitely love it!

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