Movie Maker (professional)

Movie Maker (professional)

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Build professional video and professional promotional teasers in three easy and fast steps - with features and a special user panel.

Movie Maker (Professional) + Artificial Intelligence

((((((((((Speed, innovation, creativity))))))))

Powerful software for making video, promotional teasers and professional clips for Android.

With that, you can make the video in your smartphone more appealing in a simple way. Be sure that with the help of any program, you can not quickly get cool videos and watch your friends.

Main features of the program:

💯 Video analysis to find the best scene and the ability to select an optional video segment

💯 There is a variety of free music in the app to add to your photos

💯 Save HD and HD movies to sdcard

💯 Ability to add images and videos from the gallery

IAdd the photo and sticker to the movie

There are over 24 beautifully styled video styles

Ability to add fonts, graphics and various filters to video

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** Tip when using the app

1. Close your other programs

2. Restart your phone once (restart)

3. Install an antivirus. Our offer: CM Security **

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