get apk download apk share apk

get apk download apk share apk

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Download apk app will help you archiving and share easily.

+) when your friends need your application that they can not find or can not buy.
Do not worry, this app will help you share with your friends easily.
It will extract app of you to apk and share apk to file "Apk Share" on sdcard of your device.
this is a powerful app to sharing application easily, simple and fastly.
+) when you have to change your phone, there are many essential applications you have installed
on new phones, Get Apk App helps you backup to a new device

+) when you reset factory settings, lots of big data applications that you have spend a lot of time to load from store, or have to spend a money or 3G, 4G data to reload. get apk will help you app backup easily
with just one click, you have to back up app and share their app extremely easy.

+ scans all apps on your phone.
+ filter system app and user installed app
+ search app apk quickly, dowload apk with one click
+ share twiter, share facebook, share via mail, share via bluetooth...
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