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Bazaar is a powerful and easy to use application made for android. It will provide easy access to currency rates to Toman. In addition you can find all the quotes related to oil, stock, gold and car market in Iran. It will serve you well in doing all your daily finances. Here are the list of the features that our app provides:
• Currency rates of today and yesterday and their changes in the market(US $, EURO, POUND, DIRHAM, CA $, AU $, RIAL,LIRA, KRONA, FRANC)
• Currency rates of today, yesterday and their changes published by central bank of Iran
• Prices of Gold coins for today, yesterday and their changes
• Prices of Gold per gr for today, yesterday and their changes
• List of daily prices of more than 39 international and national car companies, which each one has description of its products.(Iran Khodro, Porsche, Peugeot, Mercedes Mercedes-Benz, BMW, ....)
• Prices of Stock market for today, yesterday and their changes
• Prices of Oil market for today, yesterday and their changes
Keep in mind that you need internet connection to get new updates.
Update of this program is every moment.
In future there will be some changes in the program. One example is adding pictures of cars from different views.

This program has higher power of searching in compare to the similar programs and is designed so that you can use it even with having the minimum internet speed( like phone Internets).

If you have any question regarding our application, please send email to:

- Add Farsi(Persian) Language
- Today and Yesterday prices,theirs change
- Add 39 Car's Company to list of cars prices
- Performance optimizations and improvements
- Decrease Size of app
-Fix some bugs in the graph changes
-change server for better performance

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