sarzamin bazi

sarzamin bazi

Version 1.0.1
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Category Kids
Size 38 MB
Last Update 2021 October 24
sarzamin bazi

sarzamin bazi

kids media
Version 1.0.1
Install +50 K
Category Kids
Size 38 MB
Last Update 2021 October 24
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Hello children, parents and teachers!

Sarzamin Bazi is waiting for you!

Complete set of tutorials:

-          alphabet

-          numbers

-          Colors

-          Animals

-          shapes

-          Fruits

For children from 3 to 7 years old.

Includes 18 fun and informative games for your dear children to fill their free time in a safe and educational environment:

- Game to recognize the letters of the alphabet from the names of images

- Play bubbles to strengthen the ability to read the alphabet at high speed

- Play the alphabet hat to coordinate the child's hearing and sight

- Game of counting objects

- Finding the same numbers to strengthen the child's memory

- Play items in the basket based on the given number

- Different color recognition game to strengthen the child's visual and logical powers

- Putting colored shapes in a special bucket

- Painting canvas game to choose the right color and draw different designs

- Game to identify animals by hearing

- Animal voice recognition game

- Animal puzzle game to strengthen the logic and pattern in children

- Playing fruit in the basket

- Game to choose the right fruit based on the words said

- Quick fruit picking game to strengthen decision making

- Game to put the right shape in the blanks

- Word shape selection game

- Shape selection game based on hearing

The playground has a very attractive environment with happy graphics for children along with children's music to make the game and the learning process enjoyable.

The purpose of making this program is to combine games and education so that children can get acquainted with important concepts such as letters of the alphabet, numbers, shapes, colors, animals and fruits without getting tired.

The presence of the cartoon character of Ms. Moallem in the Sarzamin Bazi application will help your child to perform the steps more easily and intelligently.

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