Updates Master: Update All Apps

Updates Master: Update All Apps

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Updates Master: Update All Apps

Updates Master: Update All Apps

نسخهٔ ۱.۲
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Update Software app checks update to all android applications present on your mobile phone, smartly. Update finder app contains a deep scanner that scans for new app updates from the play store. If you are tired of checking for updates again and again. Just get relaxed and use the update software latest app to check for updates to your downloaded apps and games automatically. Software update finder will also notify you as the latest apps update are available on the play store.
[Some Smart Features]
. [Auto Scan for App Update]
No need to check updates for android apps, manually. Get all your pending updates on one page with the auto app update scanner option. It will check updates for your favorite android apps from the play store and keep your applications up to date.
. [Update Alert notifications]
Update your system apps and downloaded applications regularly. Update finder and notifier feature will inform you on receiving the latest updates from the play store. You can also change the time duration of notifications alert i.e., daily, weekly, or monthly.
. [Update Downloaded Applications]
Find updates for downloaded apps without any professional skills. Use the android apps update finder app that will assist you to check updates for all your installed apps and games. You can also view the app info of any application. The application details contains app name, app size, current android version, app installation date, and latest android app update if available on the play store.
. [App Usage]
App usage feature will help you to monitor the recently launched application on your phone. It will provide you the list of the android application that shows:
⦁ Recently launched application.
⦁ Total active hours of last launched application.
⦁ How many times you have opened an application.

. [Key Features & Options]
. Check updated android version of multiple android applications.
. Easy access to get all pending app update in one place.
. Quick app search feature to sort out any specific application.
. View all system apps in a separate list.
. Provides sufficient app details required to update.
. View newly available updates for downloaded and other social media apps.
. Monitor recently launched applications with app usage feature.
. Fast and easy app to check updates instantly.
. A lightweight software update application comes up with a user-friendly GUI.
. Simple and easy operations to update any android app.
. Software update finder app allows you to easily uninstall any software from your android device.
. Improve your mobile’s performance by keeping your android up-to-date with the latest software update tools.
. View updated version of any android app installed on your phone.
. Update unlimited android apps even for free from your smartphone by using this android update checker app.
. Customized features to set auto-update alert notifications.

. For effective functionality, allow the following permissions to the software update: android app updates finder.
. Internet access is required.

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