Sniper Strike Blood Killer

Sniper Strike Blood Killer

Version 1.3
Active installs

Sniper Strike Blood Killer is a new first-person sniper shooter game. Choose a powerful sniper weapon, start the mission, each mission has a different challenge.

The war began, went to the height, looking for the right sniper location, searching for the surrounding enemies, aiming at them, shooting, wiping out all the terrorists, protecting their own safety, saving the innocent people, and restoring the city's peace.

The army offers you a variety of powerful sniper rifles, equipped with a dedicated sniper mirror, through the sniper mirror you can more accurately destroy the distant enemies. Wish you success in fulfilling your mission. Become an excellent sniper.

Sniper Strike Blood Killer Features:
- first person shooter game
- realistic scene environment
- real shooting effect
- powerful sniper mirror
- a variety of difficult missions
- a lot of advanced weapons
- amazing music and sound effects

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