Grand Crime Auto Theft: Miami City Mafia Gangster

Grand Crime Auto Theft: Miami City Mafia Gangster

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It’s time to make some real mafia crime robbery theft in the vast city of Vegas. Welcome to the world of the real downtown mafia city where you are going to the wild streets of the gangster town. Play as the ultimate criminal godfather in the gangster mafia crime city simulator. Spread some terror and show that you are the man of the underground world. It’s time to start the mafia gangster thug life with high speed chases of the police. Do whatever you want to do in the grand city crime simulator. You are not answerable of your auto crime gangster in the city of Miami.

Enjoy the freedom as a grand gangster criminal. You are in the streets of the downtown grand city of theft. Now your time has come to take the revenge from the underworld mafia gangster gang war. The city Los Santos was actually the city of peace and happy people but now it has become more like a real gangster city as all the crime city and downtown mafia gang war. You lost your family during the war between the US police and the mafia crime city robbery criminals. You witnessed the grand robbery mafia theft in that city of sin. Now it’s time to take some revenge from those auto grand city mafia criminal.

Be the real grand robber theft now in the thug life. Live a life of a free grand gang lord. This is your chance to load yourself with some heavy weapons and roll your sleeves up. Time to be the king of the city of sin and criminal gangster town robbery. Take down the grand god father, your criminal instinct will guide you in the real grand city robbery. You will never find this type of street crime simulator in the Play Store because you will find the casinos and the city robbery all around the city. Get into any car passing by you in the street crime. Thrilling missions in this grand mafia crime downtown gang war game. Beat the real gangster downtown mafia in the grand city of sin.

Make a strategy an escape plan from the police car chase as it can happen any time. It’s the time for some auto downtown gangster mafia. Destroy whatever you find in the path. Be the real grand gang war mafia criminal. The city of Los Fierro is under attack of the wild real gangster terror. Spread some wilderness now. You have time to be the grand gang war in the thug life. Be the real theft in the super car thief simulator game in which you are required to attack the evil gang war mafia.

How To Play
Start the grand city downtown mafia game
Move around the Miami city for the grand car theft missions
Follow the map direction to reach to the auto godfather
Get the weapons from other weapon shops
Fight with other theft criminal for the revenge

Amazing firing targeting options
Thrilling crime city missions
Different map directions
Be downtown real gangster
Buy weapons from weapon shops
Snatch cars fight with public

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