Smart Switch: Transfer Data

Smart Switch: Transfer Data

Version 1.69
Install +500
Category Tools
Size 13 MB
Last Update 2023 May 16
Smart Switch: Transfer Data

Smart Switch: Transfer Data

Version 1.69
Install +500
Category Tools
Size 13 MB
Last Update 2023 May 16
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Smart Switch & Mobile Transfer app.
copy my data content transfer. Transfer my data and smart switch mobile.
Smart Transfer & Mobile clone is an outstanding app that allows users to copy data from older phone to new smart phone, switch without data loss and perform data transfer easier and more quickly. Fast create phone transfer files and folders in any format like photos, videos, music files, documents, contacts transfer, calendar, audio files, etc.

Smart Switch Data Transfer App.
Smart Switch Transfer Files and Phone Clone App is a wonderful app that helps user to transfer data old phone to new phone. Move all types of mobile data with WIFI, hotspot and Bluetooth. The app supports content transfer like images, videos, files, apk and music files.
Smart Switch and Copy my Data
Smart Switch and Copy my data app which is convenient for you to transfer data from one phone to another phone. Smart Switch is a phone transfer app used to transfer contacts and files from old Mobile to new Mobile. Now you don't have to worry about switching phones, our clone app acts as a smart switch to help you transfer data. The phone clone supports you in contacts transfer where you can copy the data and share contacts with others. With the help of our Smart Switch, you can now avoid the boring and time-consuming process of transferring content one at a time.

Some of the wonderful features of Smart Data Transfer app are detailed below:
• Easy to use.
• Copy My Data.
• Fast data transfer.
• Transfer data of any kind.
• Secure phone transmission.
• All file transfer at high speed.
• Switch to a new Android phone.
• Transfer content to a new device.
• Fast data transfer from the old to the new cell phone.
• Transfer photos, videos, contacts and all type of data with this smart switch data transfer app.

Smart Mobile Transfer and Copy My Data App

Smart Switch Mobile app is well-matched with all types of data formats to move data from old phone to new phone. Smart transfer and transfer of all types of videos from phone to another phone when the user buys a new phone at an appreciable speed. The mobile switch has direct WIFI connection to move file transfer at high speed. During the data transfer tool, the Smart Data App will identify the peer device's capability before establishing a direct WIFI connection. The Smart Transfer App is able to automatically reconnect when the connection is lost to provide the user with a hassle-free experience. It is a handy tool for copying my data and transferring data which is indispensable for office work.
Fast Data Sharing and Phone Clone.
Smart Switch & File Sharing, Phone Clone and Smart Share is an amazing data transfer app that allows user to perform phone content transfer via hotspot, which is the most practical and fastest way to smart switch mobile app which gives user the opportunity gives to copy my data without interruption. Phone Clone app that allows you to easily transfer content like your pictures, videos and contacts from phone to phone.

Smart Data Sharing App and Phone Clone

The data transfer app with the help of our intelligent switch is done fast. Smart Switch Phone Clone doesn't delay and shares the content with anyone you want to direct. Phone clone app has an attractive and Simple user interface with beautiful graphics to make your experience of our smartswitch app attractive.

Smart Switch & Send anywher
Use the smart switch and send data anywhere. Smart switch app and transfer data wherever you are. Send anywhere has made it easy for us to transfer data from one device to another. Send anywhere data with one tap.

Download the smart switch data transfer app freely available on play store.

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