Professional Keyboards Alfa 2

Professional Keyboards Alfa 2

Version 201803102335
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Alfa 2 with a special ultra-professional keyboard

With in-app payments

Key Features:

Type in a very simple and accurate typing enjoy it

Clipboard text extremely recorders

A professional calculator allows you to calculate in any place and any text you like

Customizable large screen keyboard to improve typing

We could write long sentences and frequently used abbreviations that will prevent

It has two simple and professional type symptoms, according to your needs

Has an auxiliary bar at the top of the keyboard to speed up your access to the facilities program

Screen compatibility of mobile phones and tablets

The ability to store credit card information (card number, cardholder name, card name) with one click send your credit card information required

Quick Reply option allows you to change the text needed

Ability to Ethernet addresses common

ID capture and information access easier

Support for the main keyboard (Samsung, Sony, LG, etc.)

There intelligent word prediction

+1300 Different emoticons and special character and beauty that helps you text

More than 30 written form Farsi and English with the ability to build custom fonts

Has completed training to accompany you in using the keyboard

Ability to convert voice to text

Resize the keyboard

To view the text for easier handling

A text editor auxiliary bar

Support from Arab and Persian numbers, English and Arabic

Accessibility text on the keyboard with one click (HOTKEY)

The ability to switch between simple and advanced page

Dftdchh notes with the possibility of sorting, storing, sharing, texts

View detailed statistics for the chart type and date

Write detailed information such as date time (weeks, days and hours) with the possibility of an arbitrary set

Ability to change the font

Simple settings for the keyboard

Strong support and monthly updates



android.permission.RECORD_AUDIO :

To use the microphone for speech-to-text feature

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