Mountain Sniper Shooting: FPS

Mountain Sniper Shooting: FPS

Version 8.5.0
Install +500 K
Category Action
Size 50 MB
Last Update 2024 January 3
Mountain Sniper Shooting: FPS

Mountain Sniper Shooting: FPS

Skippy Games
Version 8.5.0
Install +500 K
Category Action
Size 50 MB
Last Update 2024 January 3
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Mountain sniper shooting 3D as is a commando shooting games in the modern combat shooting arena. Experience heavy counter fire in front lines while fighting against the enemy gorilla commando shooters. Another realistic sniper shooting simulation among the sniping world. Surviving against the enemy elite force commandos and cop with the extreme snow terrain, desert environment and the deep black forest. Do not waste your ammo bullets and be a silent spy commando shooter. Based on sniper shooting missions as a spy commando elite force. Use your extreme sniper shooting skills and the perfect gun shots.

Enjoy the offline adventure and real thrill of the FPS shooting mountain commando war game while facing the heavy counter sniper fires. The 3D commando shooting action game is based on modern combat shooting arena. Keep your head low as the enemy elite shooters are very perfect in the extreme battle field requiring gorilla commando skills.

Free to download and specially designed for the first person shooter game lovers, it is basically a spy army commando survival mission to inactivate the base camp security, clear the base camps, disable the terrorists agent watch tower defense system and much more.

Key Features:

- Sniper shooting games missions.
- Realistic high definition 3D graphics environment
- Multiple mountain terrains like snow, desert and jungle.
- Wide range of snipers and guns available to choose.
- Real survival commando missions and endless action.
- Smooth controls and aiming.
- Immersive sound effects.
- Smooth and intuitive controls in the army game.
- Store for purchasing rifles, bullets, health kit and coins.
- Army training games have multiple rifle guns.
- Multiple shoot strike missions.
- Rifle movement sensitivity increment/decrement.
- HD high quality textures.
- Modern weapons.
- Commando game for all ages.
- Impressive shooting gameplay with action camera.
- Compatible with all android phone devices.
- No internet connection required.
- Totally free fun to play

How to Play:

- Touch and swipe the device screen for change direction & taking shots.
- In counter action, you have to shoot first.
- Use the gun telescope for long-range aiming shots.
- Tap/Press fire button to shoot.
- The gun reloads automatically.
- Tap to select the rifle.
- Tap zoom for closer look.
- Use left/right button for movement.
- Complete the level and get reward.
- Upgrade or buy new weapon.
- Always change your position to distract the enemy.

VR Mode:
- Special VR (Virtual Reality) mode
- Can use any VR device like VRBox, Cardboard or similar devices that can hold a mobile device
- Bluetooth gamepad control option
- Gyro control to look around in VR screen

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M. n60
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Mehrkam Mahi
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