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"Superinstar" All About superstars on Instagram ...

- The list of prominent Iranian figures in separate categories including:
Actors, TV presenter, footballers, volleyball players, wrestlers, singers, politicians, Aghazadeh, Clergymen, admirers, poets, writers and brands and popular pages

- Sorting, ranking and recommending top face in each category by various criteria such as:
To the number of Followers: for example, what is the actor most and which one least Followers?
Respectively Total posts: for example, which player has left more post in his instagram account?
Sections Photos: 
In order to be controversial: 
By activity: for example, which is more active wrestler in a week?
By Date: for example, which television presenter earlier than the rest of the Instagram member?

- Ability to review every superstar with the different positions:
Last post: The original arrangement similar to Instagram
Like per post: eg, which have most liked photo B. Bakhtiari had?
Comment per post: eg, on which images of Rambod Javan has recorded the most comments? Photo competition between Amin Hayaei and Zhooleh or another photo?

- Ability to compare superstars among their colleagues:
Followers are more AmooPoorang or Mr. Khan?
Ali Zia popular posts or Ehsan Ali Khani? Or Lavassani?
Flag of Esteghlal player or Persepolis are higher?
Followers of Morteza Pashaei are still being added?

- Separate statistics for each Superstar in the personal pages and includes:
Join Date on Instagram
The average visitor on the photo
Average number of comments on photos
Average number of images in a week
Direct links to individual Instagram page

- Features full version (in-app payments only 1000 tomans)
1. The elimination of all restrictions
2. Remove Ads
3. My Wishlist (favorites)
4. The Daily Show All (review all posts by all superstars)


- fix some bugs


  • control vibration
  • view network connections
  • com.sibnegar.Superinstar.permission.C2D_MESSAGE
  • prevent device from sleeping
  • find accounts on the device
  • read phone status and identity
  • modify/delete SD card contents
  • full Internet access
  • payment through Bazaar