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In the name of god

I'm happy to know something about:

In this game you will not be unemployed and you will need to follow a car that has tips to find it in the telegram to get a special prize in this great city ...

The channel link is inside the game.

A special prize for just one person who can find tires is a pretty phone that I think it's better not to miss.

Take control of the 8 fast paced Iranian cars and start driving in a big city ...

- High quality gaming and 3D models

- Traffic lights and intelligent ....

- Real Kilometer Page

- And ...

Few sentences with lovely game play games:

Waiting for warm comments, constructive and friendly criticisms ...

And do not forget that

Your feedback will be our encouragement ...

And you are not alone

In case of any problem, let us know and we will do our best to solve your problem ...

Meanwhile, the game was released with the Android 4.0 version so everyone can download the game.

You can download the game from national production and the industry of Iranian gaming, and we will promise you great goals ....

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