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A new chapter in buying online from wholesalers directly

“Shirik” has been inspired by Pin Duo Duo application from China and tracking mobile sets’ users patterns on Social network. Appling these application for sharing a verity of links such as agricultural, supermarket products, Shirik has developed an innovative method of  group purchasing with the most competitive and cost-effective  prices. Shirik provides an opportunity for the users to delve into the market just using their mobile sets anytime, anywhere.

How to buy with Shirik?

The advantages of buying with Shirik:

- An entertaining surfing for all kinds of products

- Sharing a mutual benefit with others

- Buying fresh fruits and vegetables directly from farmers with a rock bottom price.

- Buying directly from Iran’s top manufacturers and distributors.

- Buying in real price by omitting intermediary role of dealers.

- Interactive purchasing with your friends.

- Finding new friends by purchasing online.

A number of Shirik application features:

- Offering a wide range of products from Iran’s top manufacturers and distributors.

- Products assessment based on various categories.

- Personalized webpages based on customers area of interests by artificial intelligence.

- A convenient product sharing in different messengers

- Two options: single person purchase (The best market price)  & Couple purchase (Wholesaler price) 

- Easy payment via charging wallet

- Enjoying a rock bottom price by Shirik’s coupons

- The possibility of joining other user’s basket and benefiting a couple purchase advantages.

- Access to full description of the products and delivery details

- Prompt delivery in no time

- Access to other users comments in each products webpage.

Shirik is not an ordinary online shop, Purchasing with entertainment in a unbelievable price has an unforgettable taste, Try it.

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