Kids puzzles, feed the animals

Kids puzzles, feed the animals

Version 6.0
Install +10
Category Puzzle
Size 21 MB
Last Update 2024 June 19
Kids puzzles, feed the animals

Kids puzzles, feed the animals

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Version 6.0
Install +10
Category Puzzle
Size 21 MB
Last Update 2024 June 19
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All kids love to feed animals! Here, the child will not only collect car puzzles, dinosaur puzzles, wild and domestic animals, but also be able to feed predators and herbivores. Colorful farm with animals.

It is impossible to tear yourself away from the caterpillar, which eats fruit with pleasure, and in the end turns into a butterfly or ladybug. You can feed polar bears, penguins, walrus, pigs and many other animals. And if you click on the pictures, you can hear the names of animals in English, as well as their sounds.

Through the game, boys and girls will learn what metamorphosis is, how a caterpillar can turn into a butterfly or even a ladybug. Also, kids will learn about dog breeds, types of fish, insects, dinosaurs and vehicles.

The game consists of 29 themes with various animals and cars, divided into 2 parts, more than 300 voiced elements.

The "Puzzle" heading consists of 21 topics.
The child will be able to match the animal and its silhouette, in a playful way, he will remember the names of animals in English. The puzzle contains wild and domestic animals from different countries, various cars and vehicles. The child learns what a platypus and echidna look like, a tapir and a saber-toothed tiger, a mammoth and a kiwi bird.

Under the heading "Feeding" there are 8 slides. Kids will be able to intuitively feed the animals, learn their names in English, hear what sounds different animals make, and also learn the names of fish, types of fruits, what a natural metamorphosis is - the transformation of a caterpillar into a butterfly or ladybug.

Games for kids, puzzles, feed animals, English for toddlers will help boys and girls:
- without being forced to memorize English words by clicking on pictures with animals and cars;
- have fun collecting puzzles and feeding animals;
- develop fine motor skills, imagination, memory, perseverance and dedication, figurative logical thinking;
- broaden your horizons, look at the task from all sides;
- develop the ability to make complex decisions;
- learn to be independent;
- will contribute to the perseverance of the child;
- will make you more calm.

And when the children's puzzles are collected, you can pop balls or bubbles.
Simple animation and funny sound effects.

To play jigsaw puzzles or feed animals, you just need to drag the picture with your finger and put food in the mouth of the animal, or match the picture with a suitable silhouette.
By clicking on pictures with animals, you can hear their names in English, as well as what sounds various animals make.
Graphics provided by freepik.

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