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42 Calculator

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The answer to the ultimate question of what's the best everyday calculator in android !

42 is a minimal and innovative calculator designed with efficiency in mind. By instantly responding to every key you press and spelling out the result in plain english, 42 provides you the best experience possible in working with a calculator

With a flick to the left you gain access to your necessary set of scientific operations. We’ve also provided a total of 9 handpicked themes so you do your math with your choice of colors

If you like a cool and thought of replacement for the stock android calculator give 42 a try … you won’t regret it !

• Innovative spell out mechanism (English/French/Persian/Arabic Languages)
• Instant response (With Every key press you get the result and move on!)
• Tablet Support (Customized for Both Portrait/Landscape).
• Maximum Readability without Compromise
• Clean & Minimal Interface
• Handful of necessary Scientific Operators
• RAD / DEG mode with status Notification
• Handy Percent operator for your tax calculations ( Example for Supported Operations : B%A , A + B%)
• History (pull down to refresh)
• Parenthesis Support.
• Personalize 42 by choosing one of nine eye catching Themes
• Supporting Hugely Huge numbers

If you like 42, Please take a moment to give us a nice review. And if you have any suggestion or feedback, Please use the contact us button in the 42 settings

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