Dynamic of Structure + Earthquake

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Dynamic of Structure & Earthquake Engineering

SAZE Software Group is a structural engineering software production company. It has been in the field of structural engineering software for more than 25 years. For more information please follow SazeApps.com

Recently SAZE Software Group has started a department to develop mobile apps for structural engineers.

One of these productions is “Structural Dynamic & Earthquake Engineering” app. Users of this app are engineers, university professors and university students in the field of Structural and Mechanical Engineering.

This app solves the dynamic behavior equation of one or multiple degree of freedom structural system. It analyzes responses of structures of one degree of freedom with damped or undamped conditions for free and forced vibrations.

Furthermore, this app provides an environment to analyze pseudo-dynamic response of multi degree of freedom structures. This could solve shear models of structures with numeric methods and results structural response like displacements and forces in matrix, table and graph forms.

The app is very user friendly and eliminates lots of hand calculations.  We recommend this app to all of engineers, university professors and students of BS, MS and PhD in Structural and Mechanical Engineering fields.


  • control vibration