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With downloading this app, you will have the benefit of getting a new sticker pack for WhatsApp regularly. You can easily add them and share it with your friends and express your emotions with cute stickers.  

There are more than 900 stickers  in this app and counting. You can also share your stickers with me. Send your stickers to   rezakarimi66@gmail.com   with the subject of WAStickerApps. 

Popular sticker packs such as: 

• Meme Pack WAStickerApps 

• Homer Simpon WAStickerApps  

• Santa Claudia WAStickerApps  

• Christmas WAStickerApps  

• 3 Packs of Baby WAStickerApps  

• Waddless WAStickerApps  

• Pusheen Cat WAStickerApps  

• Game of Thrones (GOT) WAStickerApps  

• Futurama WAStickerApps  

• Pepe WAStickerApps  

• 2 Packs of Minions (Despicable Me) WAStickerApps  

• and more 

You won't see any advertisement in my app and I will add popular and famous stickers every day. You can also request for new stickers just by sending an email. Don't forget to include WAStickerApps in the subject of your email. 

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