Biography of Iranian Presenter

Biography of Iranian Presenter

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Bismillah al-Rahman al-Rahim, a compilation of the verses of old secrets

The name of the right is at the head of the office of every office, that which is not God's name is dead

It may have happened to you that you have seen an artist on TV and you do not know what you are going to know about it. Do not miss.

The present schedule is a biography of all Iranian executives with their photos from the 50's to 90's.

Some of the presenter of the program are: Reza Javdani (sports program) - Mehran Modri ​​(Periodic Plan) - Akshin Zin Nuri (Sound Magic Program) - Paradise Ferdozipour (Program 90) -Rezam Shojaemeh (Family Program) - Karami Shawning Shu Program) - Ehsan Ali Khani (Honeymoon Program) - Lazan Rezajui (Positive Tournament One) - Rezaei's Kids (Yesterday's Kids Program) Dariush Fraziyeh (Unclef) - Kiya Davood Esfandiari (Monitoring Program) and ...... ....

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