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Panda Launcher

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If you like cute pandas and want to decorate your phone we have just the right app for you! Panda Launcher is our latest phone customization app that will completely change your favorite mobile device! Featuring lovely live wallpapers and panda themes free of charge, this beautiful launcher for girls really has it all. Find your favorite background and match it with a clock for home screen. You finally have everything you need to personalize your phone in just one app! Try the new panda theme app and experience the best mobile phone launcher on the market! Download Panda Launcher for free and enjoy these sweet animals every time you use your phone or tablet!


🐼 Set as your default launcher
🐼 'All apps' button
🐼 Select your favorite panda theme with beautiful icons
🐼 Choose and customize the launcher theme wallpaper
🐼 Easy access to widgets
🐼 Find your apps with 'Search' feature
🐼 Draw one icon over the other to create a folder
🐼 Rename your folders as you like
🐼 Free phone themes download and installation
🐼 Enjoy your new panda launchers theme

We have designed this delightful launcher with live wallpaper for all the sweet baby panda lovers! Cute animal theme launcher offers you not only beautiful backgrounds, but also “panda clock live wallpaper” that will help you change your phone display style in an instant! Choose between various panda themes for girls and make your phone or tablet simply adorable. What makes these “panda launcher themes” so special is the fact that you can personalize your ordinary or “girly live wallpapers”, set clock, create folders, and have a beautiful panda icon pack. Install a simple yet mesmerizing “launcher themes app” and let these cute animals beautify your phone free of charge! Download Panda Launcher today and personalize home screen!

Decorate your phone with cute launcher theme free for girls and boys! You don't need a separate background app to have beautiful panda live wallpapers anymore. This diy launcher theme consists of live wallpapers for both home screen and menu, and matching set of “cute panda icons”. Use one of the best phone personalization apps on the market and make your mobile device unique! Once you try this “lovely pink panda theme” you will never go back to your old mobile phone launcher! Be the first among your friends to have the sweet launcher live wallpaper and show them these cute panda designs! So if you want the best “phone themes app”, install Panda Launcher and get what you really need - stylish wallpapers and themes for girls free of charge!

If you want to change your old home screen theme and have a brand new “pink panda launcher”, this phone personalization app is the perfect choice! As you can see, this fluffy launcher has plenty of beautiful designs that will help you customize your phone the way you want to! You don't need a separate apps like pandas wallpaper or clock background, when you can have it all with our latest “launcher icon changer”. Now you can set a different cute animal theme with beautiful icon pack every day and enjoy the new design for home screen. Don't hesitate, but treat yourself with the best theme app for girls and have all the cuteness on your favorite mobile device! Download “Panda Launcher” for free and beautify your phone today!

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