Red Light Green Light - 456 Survival Challenge

Red Light Green Light - 456 Survival Challenge

Version 1.0.1
Install +20 K
Category Education
Size 52 MB
Last Update 2021 November 17
Red Light Green Light - 456 Survival Challenge

Red Light Green Light - 456 Survival Challenge

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Version 1.0.1
Install +20 K
Category Education
Size 52 MB
Last Update 2021 November 17
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You have no money and you want to be a billionaire?
In the 456 survival Red Light Green Light game, you can earn 45.6 billion won by just sticking to the fair play. There is only one rule, don't give up. Welcome to the Sqid 456 survival dalgona candy Challenge. You need a lot of money. And you can make a lot of money playing this 456 survival game. 456 Challenge - The tug of war survival challenge game is one of the most popular games. You can win all the money by defeating your opponents. Red light means stop, green light means go. If the doll catches you moving during the red light you will be killed. Just go to the green light and finish the line. Survival Challenge is a thrilling 3D simulator game featuring a variety of childhood games, such as Red Light Green light, Marble Game, dalgona Candy, Tug of War, and Jumping Glass - but heartbeat, hand twisting. , Without breathing.Train the iron heart to pass them all. Simple, interesting, and nostalgic! Play the K-Games Survival Challenge be the last one stand in 456

Red Light Green Light Survival Challenge.
Dalgona candy Challenge.
Mid night fight Challenge.
Tug of war Challenge.
Marble Challenge.
Glass stepping stones Challenge.


1. Red light Green light:
The ruls of the red light green light challenge is that when the green light is on you have to run and try to cross the finish line and when the red light is on you have to stop otherwise you will be out of the game. You have only 80 seconds to pass the first challenge.

2. Dalgona Candy:
In this challenge you will be given different shapes of Dalgona candy. Tap and trace the line with the needle to separate the shape from the dalgona candy. Don't wait too long or the candy will break. You have to make candy to get to the next challenge.

3. Tug of War:
In Tug of War Challenge, your team needs to use a lot of force to pull their opponents to the ground and you will come close to victory, tap the screen as fast as possible so that you can win.

4. Marble Game:
In Marble Challenge Swipe your finger towards the hole at the right speed to hit the hole and start shooting the marble, you only have only one chance so this is the place to test your target skill. When the marble will be in the hole, you win the marble game.

5. Jump on Glass:
In the glass jumping challenge you have to jump on the glass bridge. Check your memory by remembering all the correct glasses to maintain. Will you cross this glass bridge to survive?


Easy and smooth controls 🎮
Excellent Sounds 🔈
Optimization for weak devices📱
Different Game modes⚡
Daily Reward🏆

The 456 Survival challenge is a thrilling game. If you are a risk taker. So, what are you waiting for? Download Now! One of best k-run sqid survival Game.

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