Voice Recorder – Record Unlimited Audio

Voice Recorder – Record Unlimited Audio

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Are you looking for a recorder app to record conversations,make audio notes or record long lectures? An all in one unlimited recording app? Well, Voice Recorder App – Record Unlimited Audio is it.
Our voice recorder app allows you to record personal notes, meetings, speeches, lectures and so much more from your phone. It’s the only voice record app you ever need, and most certainly one of the best recorder apps!

Voice Recorder App – Record Unlimited Audio – is a voice recorder app for android smartphones and tablets. Due to its amazing versatility, simplicity & recording ability, you can use our voice recorder app to dictate notes and memos as well as record meeting, lecture, interview, and day to day sounds.

Stop typing tirelessly and taking notes by hand and start audio recording everything you need from your todo lists to a critical office memo that needs your attention. Organize better, as our smart record app lets you organize voice comments, voice memos, voice recordings and easily search sounds. Your personal and professional life organization and productivity are sure to become easier with our all in one unlimited audio voice recorder!

This high quality audio recording app lets you record your voice fast and in high quality and find it easily so you can listen to it on your phone at any time. This audio recording app saves the recording on your phone and let’s you easily access it when you want to listen to it. No matter if it is an idea, song, thought, quote or important recording, you have it all neatly organized in one recorder app!

✅ Record unlimited number of audio clips and keep them forever.
✅ Listen to your recording anytime, anywhere on your phone
✅ Recordings saved on your phone storage and can be easily accessed later.
✅ File Formats Supported - mp3 , m4a , 3gp
✅ Delete/Rename recordings.
✅ Share recordings using email.
✅ Unlimited number of recordings
✅ Super-fast and Easy to Use.
✅ Easily Send/Share your recording.
✅ Audio Recording in background enabled even when the display is off.
✅ Fast Search feature to search recordings from list.
✅ Save audio recordings to internal memory and share easily if required
✅ Sort Audio Recordings by Name, Size, Duration or recording date.
✅ Rename or Delete your recordings from within app.
✅ Inbuilt player to listen to recordings whenever, wherever you want
✅ Live Audio spectrum analyzer for a fun recording experience
✅ Cut recording files and remove unwanted parts of recording.
✅ No time limit for recordings. Record voice and save unlimited audio recordings

🗣️ speech recorder & lectures recorder to record interview, record talk or record speech
🔊 audio notes recorder & voice memo recorder
🎼 singing recording, music recording & song recorder
.. and so much more. Your voice recording app for everything!

Now it’s time to free up your hands and get rid of the traditional notepad!
Have your life organized better & smarter with the no limit voice record app!
Download the free sound recording app NOW!

- It is ads Supported and it is Free.
-📞 Call Recording feature is currently not supported
- Updates: Keep the voice recorder app updated at all times for best performance and latest app features. Share the app with your friends who might find it useful and productive for their personal and official use.

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