Lunar Phase - Moon Phases Calendar

Lunar Phase - Moon Phases Calendar

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Get instant moon phase and eclipse information by using Lunar Phase for Free ! This app is an advanced lunar calendar with notifications, including upcoming phases, solar, and lunar eclipses, covering the entire 21st century. 2001 thru 2100.

You can track lunar and solar eclipses, and it also includes a synodic cycle explorer.

The initial page is the quick glance. It shows the present phase of the moon, visible percentage, age in days, distance, and the current zodiac constellation the moon is moving thorough. If an eclipse, super, or micro moon, is occurring, the current moon phase image will indicate that.

All of the full moons are named. Wolf, Snow, Worm, Pink, Flower, Strawberry, Buck, Sturgeon, Corn, Hunter's, Beaver, Cold and Harvest. The Full Harvest Moon, is the full moon closest to the fall equinox.

If you allowed the app access to your location, you will also see azimuth, altitude, and moon rise and set times for the present day.

Also displayed are the next 4 upcoming phases, with exact phase times, moon rise and set times. All of the moon images indicate eclipses, super, and micro moons. Tap on them to see the single day view for that moon.

All moon images are adjusted for the hemisphere you are in. So folks south of the equator see the moon as it appears in their sky. Location access is required for this feature.

The lunar calendar shows the phase of the moon for each day of the month. The present date is highlighted in green. All four phases of the moon are identified in this view, along with Lunar and Solar Eclipses, Super moons, Micro moons, and Blue moons. The calendar covers dates from January 2001, through December 2100.

Select an individual day, and you will see the detail view for that day. By using the slider control in that view, you can see information about every minute of that day. Lunar eclipse information is displayed here.

The solar eclipse view lists all solar eclipses for the 21st century. Scroll through the list, select a chosen eclipse and you will be shown a preview of that eclipse. The preview is a static image, which represents an overview of the entire eclipse.

Total, Annular, and Hybrid eclipses also have a map view to explore. The map view, is an interactive google map, displaying a countdown until greatest eclipse, and minimum distance to the best view.

The lunar eclipse view lists all lunar eclipses for the 21st century. There are 228 of them. The list scrolls to the next eclipse in chronological time. You can tap the title button, to scroll to the top of the list. If you tap it a second time, it will take you to the next eclipse in chronological time. The title button acts as a toggle between the two.

The lunar eclipse detail view displays the elevation of the moon for the duration of the eclipse. Start, end times, and compass headings are displayed.

Each stage of the eclipse is clearly identified, with start, end and duration.

The synodic cycle view shows variations in the duration of the synodic month, new moon to new moon.

There is a repeating cycle that occurs every 111 months, or 9 1/4 years. You can pinch and spread that view to zoom in or out, and see years and decades. You can also pan the view to explore dates visually or select any date desired, by tapping the date button and selecting a date in the picker.

In the settings view you can choose to see distances in Miles or Kilometers. Also you can select which notifications you would like receive. These not only include notifications for the 4 phases, but also for Lunar and Solar eclipses.

Choose from three home screen widgets to have lunar phase information easily available without launching the app.

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