Animal game (Animaloo)

Animal game (Animaloo)

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Persian children's game include wild animals,forest animals,domestic animals, fighting animals and cute animals .

this complex isn't just a simple game, it covers 14 fun games for learning different features of animals .

games and instruction designed into English and Persian languages so the children after being fluent in persian,he will be able to learn English numbers and vocabularies .

introducing the games

the game of residents of land and sea

in this game children can learn the nutrition ,walking, running and dying of animals which are the resindents of land and sea .

the game of biodiversity

the purpose of this game is enabling children to recognise the animal habitats which includes aquatic ,xerphyte and amphibious

the game of oviparous or mammal

the purpose of this game is recognising the oviparous animals from mammals.

Puzzle game

this game not only increases the power of creativity by making pictures with geometric shapes but also increases the geometric reviews of children.

double Image game

in addition to the entertainment of this game memory improvement is another fact .it includes some cards that children have to memorize the picture of animals behind them .

fishing game

this game is in awesome game with beautiful and joyful designing. children have to catch the fishes and put them into a basket .

the game of animals sound

this game teaches the sounds of different animals

the game of of animals food

this game will help the children to guess the sounds of animals favourite food

the game of counting animals

this game teaches numbers to children by animals .the purpose of this game is familiarity with the concepts of numbers before entering Primary School

clock game

this game includes 4 special parts of learning the clock in a basic level . in addition to repeating numbers it will learn how to work with digital and analogue clocks to children.

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