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If you’re one of those people who glances at their smartphone 150 times a day, chances are your eyes are paying the price for your screen addiction.

Staring at your smartphone -- or tablet, e-reader or laptop, while we’re at it  -- for too long can lead to tired, itchy, dry eyes, and even blurred vision and headaches. Think zombie eyes and you’re there.

CheshmBan reminde you to protect your eyes against long glance at your phone's screen.

Using attractive reminder on your screen reminde you to blink.


Blink, blink and blink again. Blinking often (and for more than a second) keeps your eyes moist and reduces dryness and irritation. We tend blink about a third less than we normally would when we stare lovingly at our precious smartphone screens, which starves our poor peepers of protective tears. Keep your eyes wet by blinking about 10 times every 20 minutes or so and you should be good to go. Bonus: Blinking often helps refocus your eyes, too.

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