QR Code Scanner: QR Reader App

QR Code Scanner: QR Reader App

Version 1.8
Install +100
Category Lifestyle
Size 9 MB
Last Update 2023 February 1
QR Code Scanner: QR Reader App

QR Code Scanner: QR Reader App

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Version 1.8
Install +100
Category Lifestyle
Size 9 MB
Last Update 2023 February 1
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QR code scanner and barcode reader app for professional scanning the codes.
Free QR code scanner app quickly scans the most common types of QR codes and barcodes. QR code reader app supports all formats of QR code & Barcode. Free QR scanner app easy to use for all android devices. QR barcode scanner automatically scans and you have no need to press any button to zoom in/out the QR. You just point the QR code and the code scanner app decodes the information from QR codes/barcodes.
Free QR code reader app scans and decodes all types of QR like contacts, URLs, WIFI, ISBN, Phone number, SMS, contact, calendar, email, books, location, ID card, text and many more like QR or barcodes. Free Barcode scanner app is commonly used scan app for promotion and coupon codes in shops.

Highlights of QR Code Scanner App.
Safe & easy to use scanner app.
Instant scan with QR scanner.
Privacy safe, only camera permission required.
Price scanner.
Use to share information.
Generate QR codes.
Support scan QR & barcodes from gallery.
Scan history saved.
Flashlight supported.
Auto-zoom in/out.
Fast scan & share your QR codes and Barcodes.

Scan QR code
The efficient scanner app to scan QR codes. QR scanner & barcode reader scan your codes safely and quickly with this QR code scanner app.

QR code generator
You can create QR codes or barcodes for your business and social use like different social media channels.

Barcode Scanner App
Easily scan barcodes from products and you can campier the prices by scanning the barcodes of the products.

Barcode Reader and Scanner App
The simple and quick QR skaner app that you find. Free barcode reader and scanner app is here to scan all kinds of codes and barcodes.

QR Code Scanner App
Accurate QR code scanner app automatically adjust the zoom in/out and clearly scan QR barcodes and codes. Scan ID cards, (adhar cards), employee ID, Student ID, Scan roll call QR, or any QR code to decode the information.

Barcode scan history
When you scan barcode or codes, the scanner automatically saves them. When you want to check the QR history and you can simply again check and scan it.

QR Scanner App
Code scanner app supports all QR code and Barcode formats. QR reader & barcode scanner is small size for all android devices with fast scanning ability. You can create QR codes and scan QR code easily.

Flashlight supported
You can easily scan your QR codes/barcodes in a dark environment by using the QR flashlight feature.

How to use QR Code Reader:
1. Open the QR code scanner
2. Point the camera to the QR code or barcode
3. The QR scanner auto recognize and scan or decode the info
4. Now, the results are available.

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