QR Code Scanner-Barcode Reader

QR Code Scanner-Barcode Reader

Version 2.0.19
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Category Tools
Size 12 MB
Last Update 2024 May 13
QR Code Scanner-Barcode Reader

QR Code Scanner-Barcode Reader

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Version 2.0.19
Install +1 K
Category Tools
Size 12 MB
Last Update 2024 May 13
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Enhance your scanning experience with our powerful QR Code Scanner-Barcode Reader, connects you seamlessly with information, services, and payments saves your valuable time. Effortlessly bridge the gap between the physical and digital dimensions.

Features of QR Scanner - Barcode Scanner
• Supports all QR & barcode formats
• All scan history will be saved
• Import and scan QR and barcodes from gallery
• Auto zoom in
• Offline QR and barcode scanning
• Dark? Turn flashlight on for scanning
• Promotions & coupon codes scanning
• Minimal permission for privacy safety
• Supports multiple languages

Supports All Formats
Easily scan any format with this QR Scanner, supporting QR codes and barcodes effortlessly.

Scan from Gallery
Unlock the convenience of scanning from your gallery with our free QR code reader. Easily read QR codes and barcodes directly from your saved images.

Scanning History Saved
Our barcode scanner keeps track of your scanning history. Access your past scans anytime, anywhere.

Minimal Permissions
Enjoy peace of mind with our minimal permissions QR code scanner. Scan freely without unnecessary interference, providing a comfortable and secure scanning experience.

Safe & Secure
Rank up your safety with our free QR reader. Scan QR code and barcodes securely, knowing your data is safe & secure.

Create/Generate & Share
Above scanning, this app is a QR code generator! Create and share QR codes easily, adds a new dimension to your code-handling capabilities.

Flashlight & Auto Zoom
Improve your scanning experience with features like flashlight and auto-zoom. Our barcode generator provides excellent visibility in all lighting conditions.

Scan Promotional Coupons
Elevate your shopping experience by scanning promotional coupons with our barcode reader app. Price scanner lets you scan and unlock discounts effortlessly and make the most of your shopping.

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