QRCode Reader: Barcode Scanner

QRCode Reader: Barcode Scanner

Version 1.5.7_68_20220912
Install +2 K
Category Tools
Size 15 MB
Last Update 2022 December 2
QRCode Reader: Barcode Scanner

QRCode Reader: Barcode Scanner

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Version 1.5.7_68_20220912
Install +2 K
Category Tools
Size 15 MB
Last Update 2022 December 2
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QRCode Reader – Barcode Scanner is the only FREE QR code reader, bar code scanner, and QR generator you will ever need. You can use our barcode reader to compare products/ compare prices. You can generate QR codes for many purposes both for personal and business use. If you’re looking for a powerful QRcode scanner & QR code generator that can also scan barcode, you’ve come to the right place! Download our QR scanner now!

💡 Why do you need a QR scanner? You need a QRcode scanner to read the black and white pixel pattern codes that contains the information you need such as links, contact information, location, and many other information. You can create FREE QR code easily with our QR generator.

🏷 Why should we all have a bar code scanner? Similar to QR, a barcode is a series black and white pattern code with information. Barcodes are usually used as product identifier so a barcode reader will be very useful when you shop as you can compare products and compare prices easily. Barcode reader is also very useful in commercial settings. That’s why you need a barcode reader to scan barcode.


✏️ FREE QR code reader that you can use to scan QR code anytime & anywhere.
✏️ FREE QR code generator to generate QR code for various purposes easily.
✏️ FREE barcode reader to compare products and compare prices.
✏️ Compare products, compare prices in various popular categories.
✏️ Easy to use but very powerful with many useful features.
✏️ View History of the code you scan or create.
✏️ Scan barcodes, scan qr code, and add to Favorites
✏️ Multi language support.
✏️ Enable notifications for daily new product reports
✏️ Enable notification for product information
✏️ Set the scan control: sound, auto focus, etc.
✏️ Device bug workarounds for better performance.
✏️ Great app design & interface to scan qr code & barcode better.

Now many restaurants use QR code to link you to the menu and many forms or URLS that you can find online use QR codes to direct you to their websites, forms, or to allow you to access many important information. QRcode scanner is really a must have!

Generate QR Code for:

📌 URL or Website
📌 Message
📌 Text
📌 Wifi
📌 Telephone
📌 Location
📌 Email
📌 Event
📌 Contact data

As you can see, this is a very comprehensive QR scanner and bar code scanner. That’s why we have over 1 M downloads. That’s why you should download our QRcode scanner now and enjoy all our features and benefits. It will certainly make your life a lot easier.


Many people needs a reliable QRcode scanner, FREE QR code generator, and barcode reader. We hope that QRCode Reader: Barcode scanner is the ultimate tool you need every day.

If you have any issue when you use our QR code reader app to compare products, compare prices, generate qr code, and other functions, please write to us via email so we can resolve the issue as soon as we can.

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برنامه خیلی خوبیه من که راضیم ممنون از برنامه نویسای خوبش🙏