All tools

All tools

Version 3.7.5
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Category Tools
Size 11 MB
Last Update 2023 September 3
All tools

All tools

ATEU Softwares ®
Version 3.7.5
Install +2 K
Category Tools
Size 11 MB
Last Update 2023 September 3
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All tools is a utility app that also works offline and is de-centralized which means whatever you do will stay safe on your phone. There are many tools in this app from basic utility to advance tools which can be used in many ways these tools are,

File transfer: Transfer any type of file of any size without the internet

Music group: Using WIFI to play music on multiple phones simultaneously in a group

CCTV: As an IP camera gets a camera preview on another phone

Control Device: Control the camera and torch from one phone through another phone

Walkie Talkie: Hold and speak on one phone and listen on another phone

WIFI Calls: Make calls using only WIFI without internet

Compass: Shows North, South, East and West

Leveler: A carpenter tool that checks if the phone is inclined at any angle

Speedometer: Measure the traveling speed in kmph, mph and knots

Altitude: Shows the height in meters or feet from the sea level

Scribbler: Doodle on your phone screen

Notes: Create Txt files and any other extension file from this

Reminders: Add a checklist of tasks and set reminders

Pendulum bob: A construction tool that checks the inclined angle

Internet speed: Run the test to check the speed of the internet

My Location: Know the latitude, longitude and the address

Torch: Use as a strobe light and screen as a light source

Room temperature: Measure the room temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit

IR Remote: Use your phone as a remote control for your TV and other devices

Barcode or QR code: Scan the codes or upload them from the gallery

Color Detector: Detect RGB values, hexadecimal and CMYK from the camera

Text Recognition: Using a camera scan the text live or from an image

Motion cam: Detects any movements using a camera and takes pictures

Cam scanner: Scan or upload images and convert them into pdf documents

Magnifier: Magnify the small things using a camera

Night mode cam: Captures the images in dark mode

Front cam: Take pictures from the front camera with the screen as a flash

Blank cam: Click pictures without preview

Heart rate: Detects heart rate by using grayscale image processing

Steps: Calculates step count, distance covered and calories burnt

BMI: Calculates mass index from height and weight

Vibrometer: Detects small vibrations in hertz and velocity

Sound intensity: The intensity of the sound is measured in decibels

Brightness: Measure the intensity of light

Rpm: Measures the number of rotations per minute for a link

G Meter: Calculates the G forces exerted on the device

Emf: Detect electromagnetic fields around

Ruler: A measuring scale on-screen with guidelines in cm and inches

Atmospheric Pressure: The current ambient pressure values in hPa and atm

Length (height): Calculates the height using the camera

Horizontal length: Measure the length from the phone and forward

Speed calculator: Calculates the average speed of a moving object

Humidity: Ambient humidity value in percentage

Metal detector: Find the metal and magnetic field of the surrounding

Screen Recorder: Record screen with audio with different formats

Stop motion animation: Draw or paint with the tools provided and create an animation

Paint: Draw or paint high-quality pictures and doodles using painting tools

Recorder: Audio recording with different modes with graph visualization

Mike: Connect your phone to a Bluetooth speaker and use it as Mike

Sound generator: Generates sounds of audible frequencies

Text to speech: Convert text into speech and save the audio

Speech to text: Convert speaking into text and save it in notes

Music player: Plays mp3 songs or music offline

Billing system: Add products and print the bill with the tax

Days counter: Countdown the days between dates

Converter: Convert one unit of the quantity to another unit

Generate QR-Bar-code: Convert text into QR code or Bar code

Morse code: Translate text into dash and dots

Vault: Safety locker for your images, videos and music with a password

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