Police Photo Suit for Mens and Womens Photo Editor

Police Photo Suit for Mens and Womens Photo Editor

Version 1.6
Install +5 K
Category Education
Size 18 MB
Last Update 2022 February 10
Police Photo Suit for Mens and Womens Photo Editor

Police Photo Suit for Mens and Womens Photo Editor

Photo Frame & Photo Editor Apps
Version 1.6
Install +5 K
Category Education
Size 18 MB
Last Update 2022 February 10
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Police Photo Suit for Mens and Womens Photo Editor is the best police suit photo editor app available in the market. With this dresses change photo editor app, you can simply edit photos of man suit dress, Women's photo suit, women's dresses, police suit, commando suit, and men clothes.

With the police photo suit app, you can choose your favorite police suit or commando photo suit from the given frame collection and apply it to the photos you want. Police suit photo editor provides different kinds of police uniform with different sizes, colors and checks how you can look different in the police suit dress.

👮 All Country Wise Men's & Women's Police Suit 👮

1. Commando suit
2. Korea Police suit
3. Dubai Police Suit
4. UK Police suit
5. Pakistan Police suit
6. China Police suit
7. USA Police suit
8. INDIA police suit
9. Russia police suit
10. Canada Police suit

Key Features of Police Photo Suit

• Enables you to take the picture while the police dress is placed on the camera or imported from the gallery and consequently adjusted
• Erase the unwanted areas of your photo
• Free collection of Real men police suits
• Stickers of near genuine police hats, sunglasses, 🚓 cars, etc.
• Various fonts of texts to add words to your edits
• Impressive range of effects for immediate use
• Best color gradient produced so that you can add any shade of color as your background
• Adjusting media for background blur for making your edits perfect
• Duplicate option helps you to replicate the selected image within the image
• Easy save and share option

Crop Option - Circle Cut, Rectangle Cut, Draw Cut
Capture a photo or take a selfie, or select an image from the device gallery and crop the size as you like the picture in the Police Dress Photo Editor app. You can cut your image in many ways: Circle cut, Rectangle Cut, Draw Cut, etc.

Erase Background
Police Photo Suit has background erase option, which helps you to remove your photo background. Eraser size can be adjusted, make its size big or small. Undo, Redo and Repair options to erase the background correctly.

Auto Eraser
The Police Photo editor has an auto background eraser. It will help you to remove the appropriate colour object in the background with a single touch.

Background Color
You can set any single colour background or none background in this Police Photo Suit for Men’s and Women’s Photo Editor app. Your photo will get white background with none background option otherwise, select any single colour to set as the background color.

Add Stickers
Select any sticker drag it to the correct position, zoom in or zoom out, rotate, flip and set it at the suitable place on the photo. You can reduce the opacity of stickers and images also.

Add Text on Photo
In the Police Photo Suit app "Text on photo" option available. Add quote or text as per your decision on the photo. This option benefits you to convey your message with pictures to others.

Flip option
Apply the Flip option to your photo and stickers. Sometimes the actual image position or pose may not be attractive. By changing the pose to opposite way the picture may be more beautiful.

Share option
Police Suit Photo 👮‍ can be shared with your friends, girlfriend, boyfriend, and family members. Save and share the pictures on any social media network.

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اصلا برنامه خوبی نبود افتضاح😝😝😝
بد ترین برنامه در جهان این برنامه هستش خیلی خرابه 😡😡
خوب نیست