Armored War

Armored War

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Enemy forces with armored vehicles by land and air to penetrate areas we have, Armored Brigade deployed in the area and are on full alert to carry out operations to clear the area of enemy. You are the commander of an armored battalion in different regions of the enemies you fight.

Game Features:
✔️ ​Stunning three-dimensional graphics on mobile
✔️ High quality user interface
✔️ The real sound of tanks, explosions and military equipment
✔️ Audio and visual stunning and impressive special effects
✔️ Simple controls and smooth in the game
✔️ Map varied (deserts, forests, "Rain", the overall area of ​​the village very soon ...)
✔️ More than 180 steps
✔️ Various sub-stages for each user brings a different experience "the resistance"
✔️ More than 11 tanks and machine guns with different powers
✔️ A variety of machine guns that are mounted on the tank
✔️ Hundreds of upgrades to tanks and machine guns
✔️ Four repairman who will help upgrade weapons
✔️ Dozens of auxiliary equipment and useful
✔️ Leading overall standings and weekend warriors
✔️ Exciting compete in weekly tournaments
✔️ The overall daily task and challenge that can be done every day
✔️ During the game you get total Honor


💡  With many nice comments from our Support

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معرفی، نقد و بررسی بازی جنگ زرهی؛ فرماندهی تیپ زرهی را برای نابودی دشمن به عهده بگیرید

بدترین اتفاقی که میتواند در جامعه انسانی رخ دهد، جنگ میان دو کشور میباشد که تلفات جانی و مالی بسیاری را در پی دارد. هرچند این موضوع تلخ به نظر میرسد اما اگر به عنوان ایده ای برای ساخت بازی های رایانه ای مورد استفاده قرار بگیرد، با استقبال خوبی از سوی مخاطبان مواجه میشود! خیلی از افراد تمایل دارند تا در نقش فرماندهان شجاع جنگ ظاهر گردیده و از سرزمین خود در برابر دشمن دفاع کنند و بازی های رایانه ای این فرصت را در اختیار آنها قرار میدهند. بازی “جنگ زرهی” که در ادامه به معرفی آن پرداخته ایم، از همین سبک بوده و میتواند جای خوبی در اوقات فراغت شما داشته باشد. ما را در نقد و بررسی این بازی اندرویدی همراهی کنید.

Jange Zerehi

Jange Zerehi review by Digiato

Armored War Game Review

You've probably heard the name of the Bethlehem game right now, and you're well-pleased with the popularity and attractiveness of the game. Plus NineGames, the successful maker of the game, has just released a new game called Armored War, which this time in the role of a tank and in the 3D environment, you must be ready to defend and fight enemies.

جنگ زرهی

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