Dalmatian Dog Pet Life Sim 3D

Dalmatian Dog Pet Life Sim 3D

Version 2.0.0
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Dalmatian Dog Pet Life Sim 3D is a free to play simulator that offers you to see the world through the dog’s eyes. Enjoy a happy life of a family pet, eat tasty dog food and treats, rest on cozy bedding, play outside the house and be a good doggy!

The Dalmatians are very playful, active, easy-going and dedicated dog breed. It was bred to accompany horse-drawn carriages, and have a vast amount of stamina and energy. That is why you can run and explore the house and its backyard all day long! Of course, you have to eat regularly to keep fit and ready for any kind of activity.

You start as a puppy, and as the Dalmatians usually do, you have no spots on your coat for the first time. But don’t worry! The pup’s going to get the spots all over its fur as it grows. Accomplish various missions to become bigger, stronger, faster and more agile. The house you live is huge and it has many secrets to find out.

When you feel bored, you can play with other animals or even insects. Chase cats and bugs to keep yourself entertained. Find some extra food using your nose and take part in different quests to earn XP points. Use the points to level up your abilities and skills and to unlock various interesting skins.

Find the mate of your dream and create your own family! Be a loving parent and take good care of your offspring. Sometimes you may face with aggressive cats and other dangerous enemies, protect your family from their attacks and enjoy a safe and comfortable life!

In Dalmatian Dog Pet Life Sim 3D you will:

— Explore the huge territory consisted of a house itself and its backyard
— Find out secret places and new things to do
— Hunt and chase different animals and insects
— Eat plenty of dog food and treats
— Power up your health, energy, and skills
— Create your own dog family and raise up the puppies
— Protect your home from aggressive enemies
— Unlock and try on many interesting skins

Enjoy being one of the most astonishing dog breeds, go about a pet’s daily life and have a lot of fun in Dalmatian Dog Pet Life Sim 3D!

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