Pixel Dog Quiz

Pixel Dog Quiz

Version 1.6
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Pixel Dog Quiz is one of the cool Pixel Style game. Easy to play and Free!

Dark may seem a little eerie, but shine a little light on things and you'll find there's nothing to be afraid of at all. Touch Buttons to Move and Jump. Help the Pretty Dog go home.

Simple concept, but Plentiful funny. The catch is that in the dark, hazards like spikes can appear and be harmful, and while the light can get rid of some of them, it can also reveal gaps in ground you could walk across when no light shone on it.

More mechanism, More challenge. Come on!

1.    Simple control, Simple concept.
2.    Dramatic and dreamy art design which looks amazing on your device
3.    Exciting music and sounds effects
4.    And more fun!

Don't be afraid of the dark! 

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