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exploring space

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In the name of god

Exploring space with this software for you to experience virtual

This software can be used for both online and offline.Offline drghsmet you access to the

See over 700 photos

Which of these photos in the Gallery to set elevensections and placed that these sectors can be included

Images of galaxies

The images of the Earth

Rocket pictures made by NASA

Images of the Sun

NASA aircraft pictures

Images of telescopes

Pictures of the astronauts

Pictures of the Moon,

Pictures of satellites

Pictures of the planets

Download 500 precious photographs of galaxies and space nordan. To view the offline


More than 200 image has a description that is applicable in English and English

Access to scientific books of the 30 plus descriptionand download it

Comprehensive and complete information from the beginning of the formation of NASA's until today

See animated images for offline

Knowledges of missiles and space satellites and various famous nordan and full description of the shuttle for the pdf file and photo space nordan and all kinds of international stations.

The dialogue space (the space between the command center and nordan, ogoft and dialogue between the astronauts) in MP3 format for offline

Description about the new application that was in relation to the space to watch two Persian and Englishfor it, along with photos and a link to download it

Also in the episode journey to the galaxies you canoffline description and specifications of the Galaxyand its location in the space to learn

And in the online access to the following section

Exploring the three-dimensional space (which for the first time this has been done) that can go wherever they want to, and use of its information and its functionality can be named

Rated a strong server and zoom in and see the details

See the Earth and other planets

The ability to see the Moon and the other moonswhich can in a month. You have no risk of carpoolwith Super quality

Go to 3D mode and see the sky, in the sky {galaxies,nebulae and also connect to shapes created from thestars and the hamanend ... As well as the ability towipe out the desired topic and see planets outside of the Galaxy milky and. ..

See the stars and star clusters for mobile phones.

And also more dependent on the solar panel

And ...

Each of these features to split part of the Howe of dozens that can search and research software

The ability to view the photo quality and download it (along with the English description, specifications, different quality download links, see the various quality pictures) and the 1.5 billion-pixel images with high quality

Also see the new goodies online

Download and view the new movies online provided by NASA and the Hubble space telescope to be released

More online part of NASA tv with the following four channels (with a custom browser)

The NASA public channel

The NASA education channel

NASA's news channel

Watch live international space station

View and download more books

NASA calendar and also there is this softwaredepending on the day, an event that has been done toshow you

Download the new application in conjunction with space

Fresh news

New technology

Nasa chat

Get involved

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