Sniper Shooter Army Soldier

Sniper Shooter Army Soldier

نسخه ۱.۰
نصب فعال

Take aim with precision shooting in this latest action-packed first-person shooter game, become the ultimate weapon in the war against the militia uprising. The enemy soldiers have taken over and it is up to you to stop them. Use all you sniper weapons and abilities to help beat the enemy soldiers and complete all the combat-ready missions.

Use tactical sniper shooting as a highly trained army soldier and go on stealth operations to take out your primary target. Make your way through each top-secret mission to get to the best vantage point to take out the enemy. Explore a vast open world environment to get into position and fire your powerful sniper rifle. Experience dynamic bullet camera visuals in the top of the line first-person shooter sniper game!

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Become the expert gun marksman as you choose from a wide selection of realistic rifles at your disposal to help liberate the people. Unlock more powerful a through progression by completing special task operation.

Enemy soldiers will become aware of your position if you're not careful and will fight back, so watch your health. Each level is packed full of exciting combat scenarios and takes you on the path to becoming the elite sniper.

Get straight into the line of duty and help save those who need help in the all-new combat first-person shooter sniper game, Sniper Shooter Army Soldier, ready to download now for free!

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