Police Car Simulator - Cop Chase

Police Car Simulator - Cop Chase

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Police Car Simulator - Cop Chase is the best police car driving simulator to play right now! Police vs robbers action real car driving for the best drive experience.

Drive fast real police cars in a huge driving environment ready to explore the big city filled with miles of road to drive on in one of the best police driving simulator games!

Uphold the law as a real police officer and patrol the whole city to arrest bad drivers who commit crimes.
Complete tons of unique missions to become the best police in the city and achieve highest ranked badge!
Rise up the police ranks to get all 24 ranked badges available!

!! UNLIMITED free levels to play in Police Car Simulator - Cop Chase !!
The latest and one of the best police car simulator games on the store!

Stop criminals for :
- Dangerous drunk driving
- Breaking city speed limits
- Running a red light
- Reckless driving
- Stolen car

Choose your own police car cruiser from a wide selection of real police cars to drive in. Complete missions to earn money to unlock new police cars increase your police rank.

Example of missions to increase your rank, and get the highest ranked badge :
- Chase and arrest bad drivers
- Drive fast cars with no limit speed
- Arrest criminals in police vs robbers chase action
- Protect and escort the president's limo
- Race to the scene of the accident to help victims

Explore the big city filled with real traffic cars, buildings, houses, port and traffic lights.
City road systems are also very dense, filled with intelligent A.I. traffic, making your police driving experience one of the best car driving simulator games.

Experience Gameplay Features :
- Hugely open-world driving simulator with miles of
- Miles of roads to drift and drive on and do stunt jumps
- Drive in real police cop cars
- Dynamic traffic with real and intense traffic AI
- Realistic police car driving simulator, ultimate driving experience
- Realistic drifting physics
- High-quality vehicles
- Dynamic camera angles
- Easy to play driving controls, use touch, wheel and tilt controls!

You can easily adjust the graphics quality play without lag in options.

Show off your amazing police car driving skills, drive in style in the top of the line police car interceptor, and stop crime in the all-new, one of the best free police car driving simulators available!

This game offers the massive open world for the best car driving simulator game experience! Stop crime in the city in intense police vs robbers action. The most realistic police car driving game you'll ever experience, Police Car Simulator - Cop Chase!

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