Helicopter Simulator 2017

Helicopter Simulator 2017

Version 1.8
Install +20 K
Category Simulation
Size 52 MB
Last Update 2020 September 28
Helicopter Simulator 2017

Helicopter Simulator 2017

Game Pickle
Version 1.8
Install +20 K
Category Simulation
Size 52 MB
Last Update 2020 September 28
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Take flight and be on the lookout for people in need of help in rescue helicopters in a huge open world environment ready to explore; with over 16 km² of area to explore and fly around in!

Explore the world and take part in unique missions to unlock rescue copters and more to become the best helicopter rescue pilot in one of the best helicopter simulator games.

!! Helicopter Simulator 2017 contains 20 free levels !!

Select your copter from a aircraft hangar full of rescue helicopters, police, military and more! Grab hold the flight stick in a military copter like the Apache or Mi Mil-8, state of the art police interceptor helicopters, rescue and response choppers, and more.
Become a firefighter, rescue people from burning cars and buildings with the helicopter to transport water and extinguish fires.
Move heavy important objects with super powerful electromagnets. Transport special cargo using the "Skylift" helicopter.
Intercept dangerous criminals in hijacked tanks and take them down in Apache helicopter armed with heat-seeking rockets to stop them causing danger.

Explore the whole open world environment to locate one of 20 mission markers, or fly for as long as you want and find hidden collectibles. The choice is yours in one of the best open world helicopter flying simulator games!
Use the game's helpful mini-map to assist you with missions spots, expand by tapping on it.

Explore the huge open world country environment discover new locations and points of interest.

Example of missions:
- Search and rescue: use your copter to rescue people in dangerous weather
- Firefighter: collect water and extinguish the car crash fires.
- Cargo Drop: grab special cargo containers with powerful electromagnets
- Pursue escaping criminal cars
- Airlift trapped cattle to safety
- Use searchlight at night to rescue broken down vehicles
- Collect oxygen tanks from risky places
- Training your helicopter skills with flying courses
- Go through all the checkpoints as fast as possible
- Escort V.I.P's to their secret destinations
- Fire rockets to take out dangerous criminals in tanks
- Landing on a moving cargo ships

Features :
- Huge open world, filled with exciting new places to discover
- Realistic helicopter flying simulation
- Realistic flight physics
- High quality choppers
- Dynamic camera angles
- Easy to play flying controls, use touch and tilt controls!

You can adjust the quality button to play without lag.

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