Find My Phone Whistle

Find My Phone Whistle

Version 1.0.18
Install +20 K
Category Tools
Size 11 MB
Last Update 2022 April 10
Find My Phone Whistle

Find My Phone Whistle

SDM Solutions
Version 1.0.18
Install +20 K
Category Tools
Size 11 MB
Last Update 2022 April 10
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Do you have lost your phone? Do you often forget your phone to keep with you? Do you have more than one phone and usually lost any of them? Don’t be panic.

Find my phone whistle – phone tracker free is a simple, and interesting app to find location of your lost phone. You just have to whistle to find your phone. Find my phone by whistle is an optimized app that is especially developed for those android users who usually lost their phones in rooms, offices and cars etc.

Our smart find my device, find my phone by whistle app helps you to find your lost device and phone. It has a special whistle and voice recognition system, which has the ability to detect both whistle and your voice in an effective way to provide efficient results.

Yes! its 100% free.

Now, you don’t need to remember, where is my phone? Simply whistle, and locate your phone by find my device application.

Why to choose our find my phone by whistle app free?

Key Features

🔰Simple and easy-to-use find my device by whistle app
🔰Attractive and user-friendly interface to choose several interesting options
🔰Option to start / exit app at anytime
🔰Multi-language supported app
🔰No GPS activation needed
🔰Provides flashlight option to locate phone in dark area.
🔰Free to download
🔰Help option for new users for any inconvenience.
🔰You can buy pro version to enjoy Ads free interface

How to use find my phone whistle – phone tracker free?

You have to follow simple steps to use find phone whistle free app.
Simply open the find my phone whistle – phone tracker. Click on “Tap to start”.
In settings menu, you can adjust whistle sensitivity according to your requirement. High sensitivity helps you to locate and find phone even at a far distance.

When you whistle, your phone will generate sound. You can adjust high / low length of melody (tone). You can change tone by choosing any of twenty available melodies including mp3 audio from mp3 gallery.

You can enable or disable vibration and flashlight mode while respond to whistle. In darker area, find my device - whistle app free helps you to find phone easily by enabling flashlight mode.

Phone finder whistle app: Whistle sound plays the significant role to find the lost phone. You can search your phone simply by whistle.
Device finder: Lost your smart device or tablet? Don’t worry. Install our fastest find my device app in your android device and just whistle to find your lost device.

Phone Finder
Find my phone free is an optimized phone finder app having advance features to find out lost phone or any smart android device simply by using whistle sound.

Phone Tracker
Doesn’t matter, if you don’t know about phone location. Now, find and track phone simply by using our super and fast find my phone whistle application. You just have to adjust settings in app, whistle and get your phone in hand.
Cellphone finder: Getting late for college? In hurry for office work? In such situation, people often forget their cell phones at home. Now, be patient. Just whistle and locate your phone.

Find My Android Phone
Our best phone finder – whistle app can be installed only on android devices i.e. smart phones, tablets. You can easily locate your phone thorough using this app. You have to simple whistle to find your lost phone.

Find my phone free
Install our free find my phone app and enjoy lot of interesting features.

Multi-language supported
Find my phone whistle app supports up-to 11 languages. More languages will be added by developer in coming app updates.

Ads free Version
Get rid of annoying Ads. Buy Ads free version of our app having more advance features.

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