Chinese Food Recipes - New Year Food Cooking

Chinese Food Recipes - New Year Food Cooking

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Chinese Food Recipes New Year is coming! It’s a simply step away and everybody is occupied in cooking nourishment to praise the Chinese Food Recipes Lunar New Year! Do you jump at the chance to eat Chinese sustenances? Well then simply download this addictive game and begin cooking best Chinese cousins with loved ones! We've best Chinese sustenance things here to cook in this diversion like Noddles, Momos, French Fries, etc.

Make Chinese food in a easy and simple way to use tools! Using simple steps to prepare your yummy food mix them all properly and cook them with oil. Wait sometime until food becomes ready to serve and eat and add your favourite toppings or masala to make food more delicious and tasty.

Its a most entertainment game for chef who will improve your cooking skills as well as food design skills to become a best Chinese chef.

The noodles are the first item and before doing anything else, first boil them in a big pan.After that fill the Chinese soup In top of the noddles, after that add some toppings you like your favourite one and you will be serving a delicious Chinese food.Next comes momos follow the simple steps to make momos and serve them with sauce having different types of variety. Final and last make French fries by following simple steps and serve them with masala and sauce.

✓ Ease of use and control.
✓ Interesting and entertainment game
✓ Make tasty Chinese food
✓ Amazing and cool graphics and interface.
✓ Prepare noddles, momos and French fries to have exciting fun.
✓ Different toppings are available to make noddles more yummy.
✓ Simple and Easy to play.
✓ New capacities to create and the likelihood to figure out how to clean and cook

Can’t wait download this Chinese Food Recipes - New Year Food Cooking Now. So Hurry Up! Become a Chinese chef of your own and serve the delicious, yummy and tasty food. Download it now and give your review and feedback to make this Chinese Cooking game more addictive.

Enjoy and have great fun.

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