Botri Bazi (Spin the Bottle HD)

Botri Bazi (Spin the Bottle HD)

Version 2.0
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“Spin the Bottle” or “Truth or Dare?” is a fun group game which is usually played in little parties and friend gatherings.

How to play Spin the Bottle in general: To play this game, players should sit in circle with a bottle in the center, then the players spin the bottle in turns and wait for the bottle to become still. The one which the bottle is pointing to (at the top side of the bottle) should be asked by the player on the other side of the bottle (bottom side), "Dare or Truth?", if the top-side player chooses "Truth", he/she should answer one question with complete honesty which is asked by the bottom-side player. And if the top-side player chooses "Dare", he/she should do one action which is stated by the bottom-side player.

In this new version of the application, you are able to:
- Add/Edit/Change names in the name list. (The name list members are automatically arranged around the bottle at the game start.)
- Add/Edit/Change Action (Dare) and Question (Truth) list.
(One element of these lists is randomly shown after the spin if the automatic option is chosen)
- Drag the top or the bottom of the bottle to spin it with desired intensity.
- Choose the bottle and the environment from the inventories as you want.

This version of the application also supports high-resolution devices.

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