ONuts | Nuts Online Shopping

ONuts | Nuts Online Shopping

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Onuts stands for Online Nuts. you can find wholesale and retail of nuts such as pistachio, walnut, almond, date, pistachio kernel and saffron etc.

Onuts mission is to deliver excellent products from the producer and the farmer directly to the end consumer at a reasonable price.

Onuts has made it possible for producers, farmers and wholesalers to share products by membership.

Onuts has tried to make it possible to view a variety of images and videos from different product angles to compare with other products.

Some of Onuts capabilities are as follows:

- Supply of dried products directly from the gardener to the consumer

- Buyer negotiates with seller directly on price and product specifications

- Wholesale or retail supply of products

- Reasonable prices due to removal of intermediaries

- Wonderful product discounts

- Show list of vendors

- Register of gardeners and suppliers as supplying Onuts products

- View product from different angles as pictures

- View product as video

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