Iran Off Road

Iran Off Road

Version 2.0.2
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It's time to hurt nature

A different and completely Iranian game

Buy a car suv for the nature of Iran

The nature that you are moving is all you have to do with your own hand. Passengers are not cold or hot.

Watch out for tires that if you need to climb up and down the car, change the car under the car and the tires.

When you make this cold, you should always be careful if your winter equipment is in the middle of the way.

Make your car beautiful and brush it.

How to install the equipment and go to nature.

A new and unique game in the style of driving Ahrroud.

Among the features of this game:

24 types of SUV and Crossover cars

All kinds of equipment

Iranian weather types

Types of tags

Tire changer, chainsaw and ...

And there are a lot of other features you'll find when you play it.

In this game, we try to simulate realistic situations and situations.

Dear users, it's advisable to read the game manual before playing the game.

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