Octopus Boom Dash

Octopus Boom Dash

Version 1.8
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Let’s enjoy the Pretty Octopus dashing madness!

“Octopus Boom Dash” is one of cool Dash game. 

Our goal is to control the cannons and launch the Octopus as deep as you can. Just touch the screen to launch him and make sure he reaches the next cannon to continue going up. Try to collect different power-downs as you fly and avoid sharks that appear along the way. 

Octopus just wants to dive all ocean and you're the one who can help him achieve his dream. Keep in mind that the cannons might present changes as you progress through the game, so you might want to pay attention and think before you make any moves.

Touch your screen to launch the Octopus as dive as you can.

1.    Simple control, Simple concept.
2.    Various tools, Different cannons, Funny endless
3.    Dramatic and dreamy art design which looks amazing on your device
4.    Exciting music and sounds effects

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