iCenter - Control Center OS18

iCenter - Control Center OS18

Version 6.3.6
Install +20 K
Category Personalization
Size 27 MB
Last Update 2024 June 15
iCenter - Control Center OS18

iCenter - Control Center OS18

Zayzik : LED Keyboard Studio
Version 6.3.6
Install +20 K
Category Personalization
Size 27 MB
Last Update 2024 June 15
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iCenter - The super easy and instant access tool for your Android control center
Control Center is developed for your Android phone with easy using essential setting functions. You can have an experience of using a newest.

Key super convenient feature Control Center
- Recorder screen easy on control center
- Instant access to music player, camera, flash, caculator, rotate screen, Wifi, Data LTE, Screen brightness and other settings is now all possible with Control Center.
- Instant access to notification alert, clear, reply possible with notification center like.
- Super easy using: Swipe up to down from top left to get notification, Swipe up to down from top right to see control center
- Music app setting and control form Control center
- Control center also bring you instant access to any app in your android phone

Control Center OS18, notification features:
- New background and notification
- Music player and audio control: just by one click, you can play play song, next song, pause, volume up or down easily
- Wi-Fi: you can turn on or turn off Wifi easily and even search for new Wifi network
- Data: Turn off data easily or instantly turn on data to connect internet for your usage.
- Bluetooth: enable Bluetooth function easily, quick connect to headphone, car system or other Bluetooth devices
- Screen orientation lock: let your screen rotate or lock when your phone is moved
- Do Not Disturb: by enable Do Not Disturb function all calls and notification will be silenced while your phone is locked.
- Volume adjust: quick and super-easy adjust volume by swipe up and down.
- Brightness adjust: swipe up for brighter screen and swipe down for darker screen.
- Camera: one click to get your camera, instant access to capture all your precious moments.
- Alarm & Timer: you can instantly set alarm, timer, stopwatch or check the world clock
- Flash night: using your LED flash on your camera as a flashnight when you need it by quick access
- Calculator: easy using and quick access to your calculator
- Voice Record: access to your voice recorder quickly by one click
- Focus feature in my control center

Thank you for using our app. If you have any feedback or want to have more features, please contact us via email.
We are doing our best to bring you useful app!

To use some action: We do not collect any personal information through accessibility services.
- We need Accessibility Permission to draw over phone's home screen and status bar.
- We will not read your screen's sensitive data or any content.
- For this app to function properly, we need the Accessibility Permission. Accessibility services are required to receive a response from the system when the top of the screen is touched to trigger the shade and to retrieve window content: Required for automatic clicking of some settings after the user chooses they want to toggle them in the app-provided interface.
Please allow API AccessibilityService. The service is only used to allow this app to to perform above features. Please grant this permission to use these actions: Go to Settings > Accessibility > Services and turn on - iCenter Control Center

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