NoiseFit: Health & Fitness

NoiseFit: Health & Fitness

Version 4.4.5
Install +100
Category Education
Size 65 MB
Last Update 2024 June 21
NoiseFit: Health & Fitness

NoiseFit: Health & Fitness

Version 4.4.5
Install +100
Category Education
Size 65 MB
Last Update 2024 June 21
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The one-stop app for all your athletic and health tracking needs; paves the way to supreme fitness with the NoiseFit App. Sync your Noise smartwatch (watch collection: to the app to unlock the full potential of your device.

📱Don't miss out on notifications
Connect your smartwatch and stay connected with SMS and Call notifications on the watch. Allow notifications from other apps at your convenience.

👟Train with your friends
Noise features one of the largest buoyant lifestyle communities with diverse individuals coming together for the common goal of getting fit & healthy together. Achieve unique milestones by taking part in constant weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly themed activity challenges to keep you engaged.

😎Share your results with your buddies
Upon completing various milestones, you can unlock trophies & badges to show off to your buddies. Share your results & motivate them to join you in some friendly competition.

📈Focus on your performance
Get access to comprehensive fitness tracking and daily fitness reports by tracking your workouts. Access your database of records over time to identify your strengths and areas that require improvement.

🚴‍♀️Train your way with several indoor & outdoor sports modes
No matter your preferred regime, several sports modes offer you the opportunity to train as per your preference. From swimming to yoga & everything in between; there is much to make use of, no matter where you are.

🗺Visualize your runs with GPS integration
Mark your preferred running trails and choose the best terrain to perform on. GPS enabled, route map visualization offers the ability to create consistent, dedicated paths for running, walking & cycling. Calculate your speed and distance traveled in real-time.

👨‍⚕️Take charge of your health

💓Monitor your heart rate 24/7
Make positive lifestyle changes by measuring your heart rate throughout the day. Double down on positive habits & discard activities that lead to a lowered or uneven heart rate.

😴Improve daily sleep quality
Improve long-term sleep quality by assessing your daily sleep. Get total sleep time along with the number of hours you spent in light, deep & REM sleep.

🥱Customize reminders to keep away sedentary habits
Kick back lethargy with customizable alerts that nudge you to get a move on upon being idle for a long time. You can even customize alerts for regular hydration & washing your hands.

☮Guided breathing sessions & stress monitoring
Track your rising stress levels and indulge in some light meditation with the integrated Breathe Mode to unwind wherever you are.

🩸Get dedicated SpO2 tracking
The SpO2 sensor observes the changing levels of oxygen in your body so that you can take the appropriate steps to keep it in balance. All the heart rate and SpO2 related information is to be used for fitness and wellness purposes only. It should not be used for medical purposes and diagnostics. In case you are experiencing any health-related concern, please consult a doctor near you immediately.

⌚Don a new look
Express yourself with numerous customizable & cloud-based watch faces. Unlock a host of customizable & cloud-based watch faces on the NoiseFit App. Choose from several unique designs and styles, to find the watch face that best suits your aesthetic.

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