Assistive Volume Button

Assistive Volume Button

Version 0.8.9
Install +1 K
Category Music & Audio
Size 4 MB
Last Update 2023 January 13
Assistive Volume Button

Assistive Volume Button

Version 0.8.9
Install +1 K
Category Music & Audio
Size 4 MB
Last Update 2023 January 13
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Simulate the phone's physical volume keys on the screen.

<font color="#3873E0">Assistive Volume Button</font> shows the volume buttons on the edge of the screen which simulates the volume control functionality of the phone's physical volume keys.

Volume buttons can be moved on the screen to be placed anywhere on the side edge.

You can customize buttons and sliders. Change the size, color, transparency, style such as iOS, MIUI and more.

<font color="#3873E0">PREMIUM FEATURES</font>
Very useful premium features which can also be activated by watching ad:
☞ Screen on/off - Power key simulator and auto SCREEN ON with proximity sensor.
☞ Volume booster - Boost the volume of your speakers more than the phone's MAX volume.
☞ Lower brightness - Lower the brightness than the phone's LOWEST screen brightness.

<font color="#3873E0">STYLES</font>
Apply the predefined style with one tap:
• Android
• Android 12
• iOS
• Xiaomi MIUI
• Huawei EMUI
• RGB border

<font color="#3873E0">SINGLE BUTTON</font>
Show only one button on the screen and tap on it will open sliders you choose:
• Media
• Media booster (Speaker / Volume booster)
• Ring
• Notification
• Call
• Brightness
• Darkness (Lower brightness)

With single button, you can control wide range of Media volume from normal to boosted volume and normal brightness to lower brightness.

<font color="#3873E0">POWER BUTTON</font> (Android 9+)
Shows additional button which simulates phone's physical power key.

<font color="#3873E0">AUTO SCREEN ON</font>
Use proximity sensor to turn the screen on.
When you hover over the phone proximity sensor, the screen will turn on without pressing any key.
USECASE: When you take the phone out of your pocket, your phone screen will turn on automatically.
So now it truely simulates functionaliy of the power key by turning SCREEN OFF with power button from the screen and SCREEN ON by proximity sensor.

<font color="#3873E0">CONFIGURATION PER APP</font>
You can set per app volume, brightness and buttons visibility.
When you open particular app, your defined configuration will be applied.

<font color="#3873E0">KEYBOARD</font>
To avoid interruption in typing, app automatically moves the buttons up when keyboard opens so that it won't interrupt with your typing.

<font color="#3873E0">ACCESSIBILITY</font>
This app uses accessibility API for the following features to work:
• Power button
• Configuration per app
• Sensitive to keyboard

<font color="#3873E0">NOTE</font>
App requires permission to run the service in background.
Some phones stop the background service. Those users need to follow steps mentioned in the app.

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mehdi senator
mehdi senator
شاهین بامدادی
شاهین بامدادی
سلام ..برنامه بسیار عالی دستت طلا ممنون از آقای برنامه ساز پنج ستاره تقدیم ..شنونده موزیک
عالی ،مورد استفاده همه